E-shop Creation

You have a product and want to present it on the internet, perhaps on a microsite or sell it using WooCommerce e-commerce platform. We are here to help you with that.

Is investing in my own e-commerce store worth it?

You don't pay rent

With unnamed boxed solutions, you might even pay 28,000 CZK for two years of rental and more.

You don't pay a % commission from sales

No one will deduct a % from your sales, as sales portals do. You can use the money saved in this way, for example, for free shipping.

Return on investment

The graph on the left shows the results of the e-commerce store we created. With a little effort, the investment will return quickly. This particular e-commerce store used promotion solely through social networks.

Will I have someone to consult with?

We provide support

We will help you go from an idea to successful realization of your project.

Consultation and feedback

We don't spare our own ideas and we're proactive. You'll receive feedback for every important step.

I'm not a technical type, can I handle the operation?

We will teach you

Even a layperson can manage the operation, training takes around 2-3 hours. You'll save on overpriced services from programmers and webmasters.

Clear administration

You can smoothly add new products and process orders thanks to the clear administration in the Czech language.

WordPress content management system

The e-shop will run on one of the most widespread systems. You have full rights to use the source code and modify it as you wish. Large companies like McDonald's, Baťa, BBC, and others also use WordPress.

How is the display on mobile and tablet devices?

Customers can shop comfortably from both devices.

The e-shop automatically adapts to the screen size.